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Our experience in management systems will help companies to bring the organisation to the next level


The way to work in a user-friendly environment where all your documents and actions can be recorded. This in a safe digital environment where Chimera® provides a tailor-made structure to meet all standard elements.


Our support is aimed at stimulating and transferring information to get the best out of the organization. Chimera® assists with its expertise to arrive at the correct practical implementation of the quality management system.


Legislation and regulations are becoming increasingly demanding and the requirements from supervisors are tightening. Compliance is no longer just expected, but must also be demonstrable.

Chimera Projects b.v.

Chimera Projects b.v. originated from a strategic collaboration, specialized in ISO and Safety standards based on the High Level Structure. With our many years of experience in Management Systems, we help companies to raise the organization to a higher level, without this leading to more bureaucracy. Our starting point is that we offer a practical interpretation that focuses on entrepreneurship and ensures that working with a management system contributes to the growth of the organization.

Discover our core values, personal, customization, expertise and safety.

Together with the key responsible persons in your company, we inventoryze what the organization needs to arrive at a tailor-made implementation, using Chimera® tools. Because we have joined forces and our partners each have his or her expertise, we can support our clients on many different standards. By dealing with this pragmatically, we can work with you to transform the content of the standard into a quality boost for your organization.

In addition, it is possible that employees in your organization need more specific information or a short training or instruction to support the management system, such as conducting internal audits, behavioural observations or workplace inspections. Here too we can offer you tailor-made agreements based on the needs of your organization and situation.

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Branches in which Chimera Projects b.v. is present.

The clients of Chimera Projects b.v. come from different branches and have an international character. This can vary from precision mechanics, supplies of medical devices or suppliers in the Off Shore, from electrical engineering to transport, production to service companies; Chimera® consultants are knowledgeable, with a hands-on attitude and focused on what suits your organization.